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For many years we have has a close working relationship with out machinery and raw materials suppliers in Taiwan, France and Finland. They have provided us with a good flow of information. This concerns the installation, operation and maintenance of lathes, milling machines and mixing/dosing machines.

They have been very accommodation and have also hosted un on excursions to their factory, and have followed this up with a number of visits to our facilities. With respect to raw materials, they have been essential to the development of our competence, and we have a close and good dialogue in order to successfully develop special material properties as per the customer’s desires.


During projects we have contact with customers concerning the relevant product, and we always work closely together on the design of prototypes. This applies in particular for discussing 3D drawings of the products viewed in relation to their planned use.

Significant points can be: to adapt the product such that it will be designed ergonomically correctly, have the lowest possible weight if it will be handled manually and of course so it fulfils the functionality it is intended to have.


”Idea persons” are often users of potential products. These people have useful first-hand knowledge and thus provide us with invaluable information for developing test productions and prototypes. We often work closely with these people.

Petro Arctic

Semek is a member of Petro Arctic; a network of suppliers for Nordic petroleum enterprises. The network has co-operation agreements with the oil companies that have fields in operation or under development in the Northern Norwegian Sea and Barents Sea.

Innovasjon Norge

We have good co-operation with Innovasjon Norge. They have exhibited great confidence in us and our new products during our reconfiguration phase. And they have supported us both through the Design Programme, SkatteFUNN and research and development of innovative polyurethane products. Through Innovasjon Norge, we have been a participant in the FR AM Programme and SEMB – development.

Meløy Business Development

Semek AS was a participant in the SEMB development Programme. Arranged by Meløy Business Development and the Meløy Business Forum in cooperation with Innovasjon Norge. This was a Programme in which Meløy companied received the opportunity to build networks and receive consulting assistance for development projects.

Meløy Business Forum

Participate in meetings arranged by Meløy Business Development, and think that exchanges of experience and co-operation with local businesses are important.

Meløy Development

Participate in SEMB Effect – a continuation of SEMB Development in Meløy. This project is intended to ensure and support implementation of the good development projects and growth measures that have been planned/initiated. This is so the growth ambitions can be attained. There is access here to guidance from consultants and joint meetings

Polarsirkelen HMS

Semek has a co-operation agreement with a local occupational safety and health service; Polarsirkelen HMS (beginning in July 2014 this will be a part of Hemis). We also have our corporate health service here.