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Semek AS makes specially designed, molded plastic products in polyurethane for the oil and gas industry.



The minerals industry is undergoing a strong expansion and we see a number of places where polyurethane can replace steel in areas with substantial mechanical wear, absorbing shocks, etc.



In harsh climates at sea under demanding conditions, requirements are posed of products for substantial wearing strength and durability.



About Semek

We have substantial accumulated experience as a problem-solver and supplier to the industrial sector. Customized solutions with polyurethane is our niche. The customer’s needs and requirements are what is decisive in the design and functionality of the final product.

We possess expertise about the benefits of using polyurethane, but also about its limitations. We customize solutions that make the best match with a customer’s needs.

Our focus is on quality, capacity to deliver and service.

Rapid and detailed follow-ups, modern technology and customized products in polyurethane. This, in conjunction with high quality and short lead times has made SEMEK a preferred working partner both for the development of innovative technical solutions as well as for mechanical maintenance issues.

- Børge Selstad, Product manager, Norwegian Crystals

Among our 400 member companies, SEMEK is an innovative participant in the market, developing new and future-oriented solutions quite quickly for the oil and gas sector. We have seen a number of Semek products that we are certain will provide substantial usage benefits offshore both nationally as well as internationally

- Kjell Giæver, CEO, Petro Arctic

Solution-oriented, highly creative environment, willing to co-operate and good follow-ups with rapid responses. The products we have developed and use in co-operation with Semek here at Heidrun make daily life for us easier and safer. A step in the right direction as regards correct and reliable warehousing!

- Jørn Terje Olsen, Co-ordinator, Odfjell Drilling, Heidrun