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Environmental / Social Responsibility

Environmental / Social Responsibility

Ethical guidelines

We at Semek AS share a common desire to have good business ethics. Our company guidelines contain rules that address individual responsibilities, as well as our common responsibilities to fellow employees, customers, suppliers, the environment, other stakeholders and co-operating partners.

Among other things, the guidelines contain:

  • Compliance with rules, laws and regulations.
    Protection of Semek’s confidential information, and the information we have on our customers, suppliers and users.
  • Protection and proper management of the company’s assets.
  • Treating Semek’s employees with respect.
  • Straightening out conflicts of interest.
  • Promoting full, equitable, accurate and understandable financial reporting.
  • Encouraging reporting of unlawful and unethical behaviour.
  • In choosing our suppliers we place an emphasis on there being good and acceptable business operations viewed in relation to working conditions, human rights, combating of corruption, good working conditions and the addressing of environmental considerations.

Social responsibility

Semek AS conducts its business responsibly, with respect and responsibility towards the society in which we operate.

The company has good contacts and a good reputation in the local environment.

  • Co-operation with schools
  • Sponsor contact with sports teams and corps.
  • We contribute to the education of students with respect to research and support the work of students in humanitarian actions.
  • We also support national and international organisations such as: Doctors without Borders.
  • Semek has internal provisions/personnel handbook which govern the rights of its employees.
  • We have an approved HSE system, and place an emphasis on the safety and well-being of our employees at the workplace.
  • Semek is convinced that the company must affect the local environment in the most positive manner possible.

Environmental concerns

Semek AS is working towards the ISO 14001 standard with a desire to reduce the burden on the environment.

  • Consumption of goods: Our products have a significantly longer lifespan than comparable products. This makes for reduced consumption of goods.
  • Our production method (moulding) requires a minimum of raw materials in comparison with production where the products are produced from a machined workpiece.
  • Energy: We utilise water power as an energy source in our production.
  • Waste/Recycling: We have environmentally responsible management of our waste products.
  • We have established a possible return arrangement for our products.
  • Freight: We are localised such that we can ask customers to use the most environmentally friendly manner of transport possible.