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Mechanical blows to steel structures cause damage to both the structure as well as the surface treatment and to the equipment that is being loaded and unloaded. The blows generate noise that is a health hazard and which propagates further in platform.


The solution in this application was through 3D design and working with the customer to construct bumpers that enveloped the structure in a manner such that the blows were attenuated, and damage to the structure, surface and material thus avoided.

  • The product is a net benefit in the form reduced maintenance, reduced damage to material and reduced harmful noise.
  • The fact that the bumpers have a clearly visible colour is a great benefit for those who perform loading/unloading operations. Especially when there is reduced visibility. The products are coloured throughout and hence will not lose their colour.
  • The product has extremely long durability.
  • Our bumpers can be designed as per the customer’s desires as regards their shape, function and colour.

Presentation Shock absorbing, gentle and safe storage: